Targeted transformation

We offer focused management consultancy with a specialisation in digital transformation. Our experts have many years of experience in strategy development and process optimisation.

Our solutions

As a full-service management consultancy firm, we support your company in its digital transformation. Contact us for a personal consultation.

  • Business processes

    Optimisation and new development of business processes to varying degrees, including with the integration of the latest methods and software tools

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  • Project management

    Initialisation, planning, implementation and monitoring of projects, experience in over 50 projects with project values of up to 10 million CHF

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  • Software development

    Documentation, design and management of highly complex systems throughout the entire value chain

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  • Test management & QA

    Planning, creation, implementation and administration of software tests, manually or fully automated

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  • Digital marketing

    SEO, SEA, social media marketing, campaign concepts, generation of traffic and leads with content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation

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  • Content production

    Individually tailored digital content strategies and original content production using industry-specific wording and keywords

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  • Web development

    JAMstack architecture with Storyblok, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React and Netlify:
    websites, microsites & landing pages, web shops, customer portals, apps, etc.

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Our clients

Over 50 successfully completed projects for SMEs and large enterprises with project values of up to 10 million CHF.

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