We are twim

twim GmbH, based in the Swiss town of Zug, is the independent management consultancy firm in the area of digitalisation for companies, public enterprises and organisations.

We support our customers in a competent, goal-oriented manner with an innovative approach. This allows us to find the perfect balance between optimising existing processes and providing creative pioneering work relating to highly complex solutions in line with your vision. You too can become part of the digital future with digital natives by your side: we are young, dynamic, dedicated and innovative.

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Our solutions

As a full-service management consultancy firm, we support your company in its digital transformation. Contact us for a personal consultation.

  • Business processes

    Optimisation and new development of business processes to varying degrees, including with the integration of the latest methods and software tools

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  • Project management

    Initialisation, planning, implementation and monitoring of projects, experience in over 50 projects with project values of up to 10 million CHF

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  • Software development

    Documentation, design, programming and management of highly complex systems throughout the entire value chain

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  • Test management & QA

    Planning, creation, implementation and administration of software tests, manually or fully automated. Ensuring compliance with established quality requirements of the programme code by means of quality management

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  • Digital marketing

    SEO, SEA, social media marketing, campaign concepts, generation of traffic and leads with content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation

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  • Content production

    Individually tailored digital content strategies and original content production using industry-specific wording and keywords

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  • Web development

    JAMstack architecture with Storyblok, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React and Netlify:
    websites, microsites & landing pages, web shops, customer portals, apps, etc.

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Our testimonials

  • “With twim GmbH, we have found a digitalisation partner with a wealth of experience when it comes to digital transformation. We have been able to successfully digitalise critical business processes in B2B.”

    Bruno Schenk | UPC

  • “twim’s outstanding expertise and leadership in the field of explanimations has floored us and exceeded all our high expectations.”

    Kiron Chavda | B2eMedia

  • “twim provided us with great advice and excellent customer service!”

    Chris Robb | Mass Participation World

  • “What stood out throughout our collaboration with twim was their phenomenal commitment, impressive and reliable competence as well as teamwork on an equal footing.”

    Philipp Leuenberger | UPC Business

  • “twim’s management consultancy helped us to take our agency’s image and profile to the next level.” Many thanks for the outstanding personal dedication and professional initiative.”

    Mathias Dauer | Lanzenbrecher

Our strengths

twim represents knowledge diversity and professional expertise all under one roof: our in-house experts offer you broad-based, tried and tested knowledge in all areas of digitalisation in a wide range of industries.

  • Telecommunications

    twim has a long history of experience and expertise in the telecommunications branch. When it comes to digitalisation, this sphere is very progressive and also holds a great deal of potential, for example in the customer service sector. More agile communication with clients and new, technology-based business models make information available for clients any time, anywhere.

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  • Law

    twim has a long history of experience and expertise in the legal sector. In the field of law, it is crucial to experiment when it comes to digitalisation; this is why with us, knowledge of digitalisation goes hand in hand with legal expertise. Still, the opportunities are obvious: innovative IT solutions make judicial work significantly more efficient, and the implementation of digital communication portals makes it possible to fulfil clients’ high expectations in terms of reaction speed and transparency.

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  • Marketing

    twim has a long history of experience and expertise in the marketing branch. Whether it is the implementation of CRM software or the perfect web presence. We can help your company undergo its digital transformation too, making sure that you are able to offer the best possible customer service and secure your business model for the future.

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  • Public authorities

    twim has a long history of experience and expertise in various public authorities. Digital transformation within public authorities means the modernisation of administrative procedures as part of the digitalisation of society and the economy, with the goal of creating added value for the public sector. In this process, the emphasis is on the needs of the public and the employees, together with special requirements when it comes to guaranteeing data protection.

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  • Healthcare sector

    twim has a long history of experience and expertise in the healthcare sector. Pharmaceutical companies, medical suppliers or general service providers in the healthcare sector are able to automate workflows, optimise existing administrative processes and implement digital ordering systems in order to operate more efficiently and better meet customers’ needs. Particular attention must be paid to legal compliance with regard to data protection regulations.

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  • Publishing

    twim has a long history of experience and expertise in the publishing sector. The publishing industry, which has to date undergone little digitalisation, is an exciting field for digital innovation and pioneering work. Due to digitalisation and the increased multimediality this brings with it, new revenue models centred around audio, video and text are emerging.

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  • Gastronomy

    twim has a long history of experience and expertise in gastronomy. The use of professional digital customer databases and cockpit solutions simplifies administrative tasks, while the implementation of online reservation and ordering systems improves the customer’s user experience.

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Our basic principles are appreciation of one another and fairness in all our personal interactions. We communicate clearly, promptly and empathetically with our customers, partners and employees.

Values unite people:

  • Customer focus & conscientiousness
  • Quality & efficiency with fair conditions
  • Knowledge transfer & transparency

Our quality standards

One fundamental element of digitalisation is a primary focus on one’s own customer base. The goal here is to do justice to the clients’ wishes or even to surpass them. This means that the customer base also sets the standard for us when it comes to the quality. What is more, in order to objectively ensure the very highest quality, we orient ourselves in accordance with established industry and quality standards, and work according to proven, acclaimed methods.

As experts, we rely not only on our know-how, but also place our trust in the expertise of our customers. Deepak Kumar, CEO twim GmbH

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