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We support and advise you in the conception and implementation of content strategies. With content tailored to the interests of your potential clients, we bring organic traffic to your platforms and generate high-quality leads for your company.

More and more companies are choosing to focus on informative contents or even owned media, i.e. the production of contents on the company’s very own channels – and with good reason: advisory or simply captivating contents with added value are met with far greater interest among users and customers than purely promotional messages. This content may include storytelling or high-quality information in the form of videos, blog articles, whitepapers, fact sheets, infographics or statistics. This enables companies to convince users of the value of their products and services.

Relevant, high-quality content is also important in the area of SEO, to ensure you are ranked as highly as possible by search engines. Traffic to the website is increased and, thanks to content being shared on social media, greater visibility is achieved online.

When content delivers added value, this has positive effects on the relationship with the users. High-quality content helps to attract new clients, establish trust and strengthen the relationship with existing clients. Good content, therefore, is the foundation of all marketing measures.

We support and advise you in the conception and implementation of content strategies in the area of inbound marketing, that is in the creation of high-quality contents – for example for your website. Thanks to the contents that are specifically tailored to the interests of your potential clients, inbound traffic is created in a natural manner, thus also creating interested parties who can eventually be transformed into satisfied clients.

The use of social media and the creation of content for social networks is especially interesting for companies, since it enables a more direct interaction with the users than classic marketing measures. This requires, however, that the content is more heavily directed towards the target group and not designed purely as an advertising measure. We support you in executing social media strategies and in the targeted creation of relevant, high-quality content that offers real added value for users.

We offer a wide range of content types in all areas of content production.

Providing gated content is one of the most helpful methods for generating leads. What this means is content that is available in exchange for information – for example contact details. In addition, gated content makes it possible to define your own target group more precisely. We will work together with you to develop suitable content strategies, produce convincing lead magnets and place them at the right points in the marketing funnel. We offer a wide range of content types in all areas of content production. Content in the form of videos, such as tutorial videos, product demos or testimonials, is an effective and rapid way to reach your target group. Statistics show that a third of all online activities involve the consumption of videos. E-books, whitepapers and fact sheets successfully generate leads and demonstrate the expertise of your company. This increases clients’ trust in the company. Blog articles improve the SEO and draw traffic to the website. This can include valuable information that interests the target group specifically. Infographics and statistics provide leads and clients with helpful, high-quality information.

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We will be delighted to advise you.


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