Case Study: UPC Business Switzerland Website


Developing a 3 x faster and more agile website for UPC Business Switzerland with Jamstack architecture.

UPC Business Switzerland needed a more agile and faster website. They were also looking for a site with the ability to have more control over their editors‘ workflow, and an easy go-to-market solution for newly developed sites.

The client

UPC Business has been setting standards in the swiss telecom mar­ket since 1999 and is a part of Liberty Global since 2005.

They serve customers from various key sectors and have been a strong partner for telecommunication and innovative ICT solutions for more than 20 years.

With more than 16,000 customers and over 200 employees, UPC Business is a full-service provider with a partner ecosystem all over Switzerland.

UPC is running a Switzerland-wide fiber-optic network with internet speeds up to 10 Gbit/s.

UPC Switzerland in Wallisellen
UPC Switzerland in Wallisellen

The objectives

When UPC Business approached twim GmbH in 2019, their website faced several pain points that needed to be improved:

· Time-consuming editor workflow for content changes and updates.

As UPC Business was using Adobe AEM, editors were not able to add new content and change design or text with ease. The changes had to be planned within the existing infrastructure, thus a long waiting period for the releases occurred.

· Long production time for new pages to go for market.

Landing pages, new product pages and promotional pages had to be set up by the Adobe AEM team, causing delays, costs, and missing out the opportunity of setting up promotions and flash sales in an instant matter.

· Lack of performance

Due to the outdated website architecture of a legacy website, the site was heavy and slow.

twim GmbH is a proud Storyblok and Netlify partner

The solution

Knowing about the benefits of Jamstack web development architecture, we decided to develop a highly customized solution utilizing the power of Jamstack:

Faster websites, more secure infrastructure, high scalability and improved UX for customers, editors and developers.

Our choice of the technical stack was the headless CMS Storyblok, the Netlify platform and GitHub.

The premise by the client to use as much of the already security approved vendors as possible led us to the compromise of hosting the static files on AWS S3 and distributing the files via a Content Delivery Network run by CenturyLink.

UPC Business website page loading time

The results

The new UPC Business website is fast:

With loading times way ahead of its competitors, UPC Business is now operating a fast, responsive website with drastically reduced page size and number of requests.

Shorter loading time improves the user experience when visiting the website, decreases the bounce rate of users (therefore the conversion rate is higher), and saves money on Google Advertising with an optimized quality score.

Evaluate the impact a faster site can have on your business here:

The new workflow is user friendly for the editors and content managers:

With their new website, UPC Business now can change content and generate new sites with the ease of Storyblok‘s visual editor.

Graphics and texts are now changed in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the highly customized and pre-coded components, sites can be built within Storyblok by the editors without coding. Intuitive adding, removing and editing of the components simplifies the editors‘ work.

The benefits are obvious:

Shorter time to market for new sites, less money spent on developers and the digital marketing team can react fast to their needs.

A multi-layer approval flow implemented directly in Storyblok eliminates content errors and ensures, that the newly published content is reviewed by team members and only published by the person in charge.

Testimonial Fabio Pellegrino


The new UPC Business website was a big milestone for UPC Switzerland. Now, UPC Business can focus on its strengths and benefits from an ultra-fast website with a highly improved workflow and user experience.

twim not only developed the new website but was able to fulfill the core service of our company: Consulting enterprises within their digital transformation journey to take the right actions for future-proof revenue models.

We are proud to serve another happy client!

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