Digital marketing

Working together with you, we develop market-oriented, innovative marketing strategies that suit your business model and lead to successful conversions. We carry out holistic and integrated advertising campaigns as well as cross-media projects that drive your company forward and strengthen customer loyalty.

As your expert for digital marketing, we implement email and AdWords campaigns that are tailor-made for your company, create constructive adverts for your Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and optimise your conversions through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In addition, we also design landing pages that successfully generate leads, and support your company in ensuring a smooth and successful customer journey.

So that you can carry out your individual online strategies effectively, we provide you with support to implement them and to use marketing automation software such as Pardot by Salesforce. Programmes like these help to prioritise and automate marketing tasks such as the drafting of emails, the generation of leads and the segmenting of interests, and improve communication between company and client. This is achieved, for example, with personalised emails, the provision of targeted content and extensive lead nurturing.

We help you to analyse market-related data.

Ongoing analysis and the associated improvement of the measures are important components of online marketing. They lead to a maximisation of the effectiveness and optimisation of the Return on Investment (ROI). We help you to analyse market-related data. The use of measures such as A/B testing and the calculation of click and conversion rates leads to the optimisation of your own web content.

Our workflow

We will be delighted to advise you.

We will be delighted to advise you.


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