Successfully making the cultural transition with digital natives

A digital world

The digital revolution is only at its beginning; enterprises as well as current lifestyles are still strongly influenced by the industrial age. This contrast requires re-thinking which currently poses a major challenge.

Headquartered in the Swiss municipality of Zug, twim GmbH relies on the knowledge and understanding possessed by digital natives. As a result, it can support its customers as a key strategic partner in complex transformation processes

Initiated at the beginning of the 21th century by the development of modern information technologies, digitization is a recent phenomenon:

According to the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, the word "digitization" was printed - relatively rarely - in national German daily and weekly newspapers at a frequency of 0.01% in 1975, and 1.09% in 1995.

The frequency rose to 19.85 % just 20 years later in 2015, and 30.57 % in 2018.

twim digitization

From history books, we are familiar with the course and implementation of the industrial revolution, which had a tremendous impact on economic and social conditions in the 2nd half of the 18th century, and fundamentally changed living and working conditions in the following decades.

The impact of this change is so great that about 20 years ago, a proposal was even made to name the period since the beginning of industrialization Anthropocene, to mark a new era in the history of the world.

Digitization begins in your mind

As present-day witnesses, we are experiencing the digital revolution from such close proximity that we cannot yet simultaneously grasp and gauge its extent and development.

Evidently and indisputably, the dimension of this development is at least equal in importance to industrialization, but most likely much greater.

To cope with this social and digital transformation, enterprises require a mind set which sees workers not only as a resource. If duly practised at enterprises, digitization raises the motivation and potential of employees.

Successful digitization begins in the mind.

Though complex, digital transformation offers tremendous advantages to enterprises.

Decreasing process costs & reaction times, new market opportunities, improved customer & employee experience, and increased competitiveness are just the start.

Competitors are inevitably compelled to face the challenge for the sake of higher profitability too. However, if this compulsion is the sole driver for a company's digitization project, without simultaneous implementation of a comprehensive cultural change involving all employees, then the project will fail.

As a young enterprise where exclusively digital natives dedicate themselves to counselling companies in digitization projects, twim GmbH benefits from its not having had to adapt to digitization culture, but instead being originally based on it.

The enterprise's mindset regarding technological, financial, ecological and human requirements as part of digital transformation at companies stems from a direct and unmediated fulfilment of these requirements in its everyday business.

Implementing a smart solution

Through cooperation with established businesses currently making the digital transition, twim GmbH knows and understands the challenges and tests faced here.

twim received an opportunity to implement a smart solution demonstrating twim's native approach for UPC Schweiz GmbH.

In partnership with the customer, a decision was made to advance the elaborate procedure of manual IP allocation not on the basis of the original process.

Instead, twim GmbH was commissioned to develop, as an entirely new concept, a special software which not only simplifies the process and makes it more efficient, but also fully automates it in Salesforce.

Its native:

handling of digitization allows twim GmbH to integrate, into all services forming part of its solution portfolio, strategies not limited to technological or financial aspects, but also promoting cultural change at enterprises as a whole, and thus also fulfilling ecological and personnel-related requirements.

We see ourselves as a partner of our customers in the field of digitization. With the perception needed to consider their requirements and recognize their expertise as well as experience as key success factors, we support their enterprises during digital transformation.

Deepak Kumar, CEO twim GmbH

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